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Les Triporteurs de l’Ouest


Before we drove cars, people delivered goods on tricycles. You could see them everywhere in towns and cities. “We’ve adopted that idea and given it a 21st century makeover.” This is how Fabrice Marteaux explains his idea of starting Les Triporteurs de l’Ouest, a courier business specialising in the ‘last mile’. With electric cargo bikes, the drivers from Les Triporteurs de l’Ouest can get to the their destination faster, more cleanly and closer than most other delivery services. That allows Fabrice to constantly improve his service. The Urban Arrow Tenders of Les Triporteurs de l’Ouest have a large cargo capacity, and can easily transport stacks with pallets from east to west through the city. Also from north to east, and everywhere in between for that matter. The average rider covers some 35 to 40 kilometres a day on the bike, and delivers an impressive 1 to 1.5 tonnes of goods! Take a look here at how the Triporteurs travel through the city.

Triporteurs de l’Ouest | Fabrice Marteaux | Rennes, FR | | Urban Arrow Tender 1500 Flatbed Plus

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