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Biking Doctors


GP Joep Terhaar of Biking Doctors rides his Urban Arrow Craft through the centre of The Hague. Cycling from patient to patient, he delivers the right healthcare to people. He doesn’t see the patients at a practice, but visits them at home. You book your appointment digitally, not with a receptionist. “Visiting people in their own home lends an extra dimension. The information that you get at people’s homes is very valuable, and provides context for their care needs.” When Joep started his practice, he looked very carefully at how the average GP runs their practice and how that could be done better and more efficiently. “Using a cargo bike instead of a car seemed a very logical step to me. I’m both a doctor and a cyclist, so I believe exercise is important. And the Urban Arrow Craft just looks really cool, so it was easy to make that choice!” He also likes the fact that he can leave his medical supplies in the bike’s locked box during a home visit. Take a look at how this GP is cycling into the future of healthcare.

Biking Doctors | Joep ter Haar | General practitioner | The Hague, NL | | Urban Arrow Cargo L Craft

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