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Tender 1500 (Eu Only)

The Tender will handle everything you throw at it

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Best of both worlds

The Tender 1500 offers a whole lot of loading volume without compromising on the smooth riding characteristics. It’s truly a win-win.

Any way, shape or form

The Tender 1500 comes in many shapes and sizes. Need more than a flatbed? What about the 1500 Pick-up or actively cooled Coolbox? We’ve got you covered.

Size matters

Especially when transporting cargo through urban areas. The main difference in the Tender series lies in the size of their platforms. The extra length of the 1500’s platform accommodates one Europallet and then some.

Urban Arrow is the only brand that really responds well to the logistics market

Fabrice Marteaux – Tripoteurs de l’Ouest


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Looking for something a slightly more discrete to get you around town? The Shorty is Urban Arrow’s most agile bike. It won a Eurobike award for “Best urban bike” in 2018. According to the jury the Shorty performs outstanding in the categories Functionality, Workmanship and Added Value. The jury states: “The perfect cargo bike for delivery services, with the insulated box being suitable for both hot and cold dishes.” So in short, the Shorty might just be the bike you are looking for.

Urban Arrow Shorty Cargo Line White with lockable hood

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